Eyebrow hair transplant

As the popularity of ‬ hair transplantation grows, many people are also are inquiring about hair transplants in other parts of the body. One area of interest is eyebrow hair transplants. They often ask if it is even possible? It is possible to do eyebrow hair transplant and in the hands of a specialist with experience, it can be very successful.
The purpose of transplantation of hair to the eyebrow area is to recreate the a natural contour of the eyebrow, orientation, shape and to increase the density. At Meshkin Medical clinics, we work with each patient to outline the eyebrow area to conform to the natural symmetry of the patient’s face. Depending on the size of the area to be transplanted, more than one transplant session may be required; in most cases one session is enough to get the desired look and density.

The hair is harvested form an area in the back of the scalp called the donor zone. This area has close hair characteristics to the eyebrow hair. However the patient needs to be aware that the hair on the scalp grows faster than the hair on the eyebrow, therefore more frequent trimming is required. Before hair transplantation the area a thorough consult is done and the shape of the eyebrow is drawn. After the consultation the necessary measurements are taken for harvesting. Once the donor hair is harvested from the donor zone in the back of the head using ‪FUE or FUT hair transplant‬ techniques, the hair is prepared under the microscope into ultra refined units of one to two hairs. Very fine incisions are made in the recipient area using customized needles and done following the natural orientation and direction of ones own hair. The grafts are then placed into the prepared incisions. The use of single and two hair grafts permits adherence to the eyebrow contour for a natural appearance.

Following the procedure a light bandage is used in the donor area and the eyebrow . The post op care is very minimal and there is very minor discomfort involved. The next day after the procedure, the bandage is taken off and the post op care starts. For the first ten days the scabs in the eyebrow area are visible. usually about ten days after the procedure, the patient returns to the clinic for a follow up visit. At the follow up visit all the scabs are cleaned and patient returns looking how it looked before the procedure. The new hair comes in gradually after 3-4 months and it may take up to one year for all the hair to grow in.

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Dr. Mike Meshkin, a hair transplant specialist with offices in Los Angeles and Orange County, Beverly Hills, Irvine and San Diego offers many advises to his clients for hair restoration surgery using the best hair transplant techniques. He is one of the best hair transplant surgeon with more than 30 years of experience exclusively in hair restoration surgery.

To find out more about your hair loss, visit one of Dr. Meshkin's hair transplant and hair restoration clinics in Los Angeles , Beverly Hills locations, Orange County and San Diego areas for a hair restoration consultation. During the initial consultation, cost of eyebrow hair transplant and overall hair restoration plan is discussed.

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