Trichophytic Double Layer Donor Closure

The Trichophytic closure of the wound is the most advanced closure technique that will yield the best result. It is used to close the wound while performing the strip method. Strip harvesting is the most common technique used to remove the hair follicles from the donor site. A single or double bladed scalpel is used to remove a strip of hair bearing tissue. The incision should be made very carefully to assure that the follicles are removed intact. Following removal of the donor strip, the upper or lower edges of the wound is trimmed approximately 1mm, then double layered suturing is used to close the wound. While suturing the last layer, the hair is allowed to come through the line. This technique is called Trichophytic closure, which allows for the most yield of donor hair and also makes the scar line virtually invisible after healing. While it is the best method, it requires more surgical skill and attention to be performed properly. If a clinic is not set up for more advanced surgical procedure, this technique is usually not offered or performed.

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Trichophytic Double Layer
Donor Closure