How to select the best hair transplant doctor?

With today’s highly sophisticated techniques such as highly Refined Micro-scopic Follicular Unit transplantation, it is of utmost importance to make a careful selection of the doctor and his/her staff. A person should consider a doctor who is well experienced and is in all surgical techniques for the benefit of his patients. it is important that the doctor does hair transplant on a full time basis and not as a side job. With the popularity of hair transplant surgery, many doctors who are not experienced in this field are starting to offer this service. Most doctor who offer Hair transplant do not do hair transplant on full time basis. Since hair transplant is very specialized, if they are not set up for hair transplant you will not get a quality service.

There are many aspects to hair transplant one Being the harvesting. Just as important as harvesting is a customized plan for the recipient site. For the most natural look a plan should be customized in the design, preparation of recipient area, the needles used to make the sites, preparation of the grafts under the microscope and placement of the grafts. A specialized hair transplant doctor should make the plan customized to fit the patients needs and concerns. A hair transplant doctor should have full time surgical staff to help him with all aspects of the hair transplant. You have to make sure that the doctor and the staff have formal training, experience and have highly developed surgical skills and qualifications to do the hair transplant. If they are not doing hair transplant on full time basis, then you may not be getting the best quality of care for your hair transplant. So to get the best hair transplant result, it is important to ask questions, and do your research, and chose a doctor with experience and a track record of quality work.

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