Dr. Meshkin's Legacy

Dr. Meshkin's Legacy Meshkin Medical Hair Restoration and Transplant Clinic (949) 219-0027

Experiencing hair loss can be emotionally difficult. For over 25 years, Dr. Meshkin has dedicated his life to advancement and development of new hair transplant techniques to help people suffering from hair loss. With his unique artistic background, he always envisioned hair transplant as an art. Dr. Meshkin’s passion and dedication to the art of hair restoration gave him a unique advantage to be at the forefront of developing new techniques to give more natural results. With the introduction of Dr. Meshkin’s unique and customized needles used to design the recipient site in 1991, patients received a new level of care. With the emergence of his new technique, hair transplantation evolved into an art and lead to more natural appearance. This new advancement lead to mega-sessions and Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Hair Transplants that patients can enjoy today and which yield most exceptionally natural results. These new advanced hair transplant techniques also allow for natural results in Eyelash transplants, Eye Brow transplants, Body Hair transplants, and Beard transplants.

Research continues to evolve with the advancement of stem cell research, hair multiplication, cell therapy and tissue engineering. Dr. Meshkin is at the forefront of research for developing the most advanced hair transplant techniques and customizes his patients’ treatment options accordingly.