The Meshkin Method/Artistry

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As a medical doctor for over 25 years, Dr. Meshkin has traveled the world in search of the best treatments and techniques in hair restoration. The field of hair restoration has evolved drastically with the emergence of advanced technologies that produce more natural appearances. Now, with the use of new state of the art techniques, as a skilled surgeon and an artist, he can perform hair transplants that are almost indistinguishable from one’s normal hair.  Dr. Meshkin comes from an artistic background that extends over several generations. This background and extensive surgical skills together give him a better understanding of the hairline design and creation of natural results.

Dr. Meshkin is the innovator of the Microslit grafting method, which was one of the revolutionary advancements in the field of hair restoration surgery leading to Megasessions and ultimately Ultra Refined Hair Transplant Technique today. This sophisticated method of restoring natural growing hair was introduced by Dr. Meshkin in 1989. Dr. Meshkin’s technique has been broadly described and accepted in authoritative medical journals and textbooks.

Dr. Meshkin is regularly invited to lecture on hair restoration surgery at highly recognized symposiums and teaching seminars. Furthermore, he has been interviewed numerous times by national and international television stations, radios, and magazines to share his expertise on the latest hair transplant techniques.

Hair Line Design

Some consider hair to be the most aesthetic part of the face. As such, baldness can dominate one’s appearance, drawing attention from a beautiful face. The hairline is where your scalp hair borders your forehead and frames your face, thereby bringing out the beauty and richness of one’s features. When the hairline starts to recede, one’s facial features also recede into the background. A primary reason for seeking hair restoration is to restore one’s appearance to the condition before hair loss. One of the more critical decisions in hair restoration is determining where your new hairline should be. This should be carefully discussed with your physician. The best hairline recreated by transplantation or other hair restoration surgery is one that is natural and blends with your other facial features. Dr. Meshkin will take into account the facial contour, ethnicity, gender, age, hair characteristics, patient desire, expectations, type of donor hair selected, graft placement, size of grafts and overall transplant technique to ensure a natural appearance.

Factors that Dr. Meshkin uses while designing the hairline:

  1. To be familiar with all the important anatomical points of face and scalp.
  2. To place the hairline in correct position using all the cosmetic guidelines, rules and tools available.
  3. To not place the frontal hairline lower than the original hairline.
  4. To make the hairline cosmetically appropriate to the individual case.
  5. To have the client involved in making the final decision and recommendation.