Can Hair Be Transplanted From One Person To Another Person?

Can Hair Be Transplanted From One Person To Another Person?

As hair transplant procedure becomes more popular some are considering transplanting from another person. The question arise amongst clients with limited donor, if this is a viable possibility. There are some doctors in some unregulated countries that offer this procedure, but in general medical doctors are reluctant because the transplanted hair may be rejected. Even if the procedure is offered, understanding hair transplant procedure and risks involved should be discussed before making any decisions.

It is widely believed that the transplanted hairs may be rejected by the clients own immune system. Usually hair transplant is done by harvesting grafts from an area in the back of the head known as the donor zone. This area is proven to be resistant to DHT hormone which is responsible for hair loss. The harvested hair is taken from the donor zone using either FUT or FUE harvesting technique, and transplanted into the thinning recipient areas. If the hair is taken from one person to another, it is believed that it will be rejected unless anti-rejection medications are taken for life. In addition if the hair does not take, there is the risk of scar formation in the areas where hairs were transplanted. The risk of taking these medications and also having scars far out weigh the benefits attained from the transplant.

In recent years scientists have been actively pursuing ways to transplant hairs from one person to another without rejection and scar formation. The only case where hair was successfully transplanted from one person to another is in the case of identical twins. This is the only case where this type of procedure is considered. However, even that is still in the process of experimentation and still not a viable option. Patients who do not have sufficient amount of hair in the donor zone are recommended to take hair from other parts of their own body such as from the chest, legs and arms. This is considered to be less risky, and do not need anti-rejection medication. However, body hair transplant can not be guaranteed to continue to grow in the recipient area since this hair may be susceptible to DHT hormone and be lost eventually. These should be considered and discussed with hair transplant specialist.

Making an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan requires an examination by hair transplant specialist. The doctor should give the patient realistic expectations depending on the donor availability and the areas of coverage. During the initial consultation with the specialist, the doctor should spend a considerable amount of time to educate the patient utilizing computer hair analysis to evaluate the extent of hair loss, hair loss progression, hair characteristics, and the donor availability. The physician should provide an estimate of the number of grafts needed, recommend and explain the best technique of harvesting the grafts that best fits the patient's concerns and goals and the method used for the recipient area. The hair restoration specialist should provide all the information necessary for the patient to make an educated decision for the any surgical or medical hair treatment options available.

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