Can cosmetic products help with hairloss?

Can cosmetic products help with hair loss ?

For some patients with severe hair loss, cosmetic products can be the only viable option. These products are the only available option for those who have a strong family history of hair loss, and aggressive male pattern hair loss that began early. #Hair transplantation may never be an option for such a patient, who will eventually have no hair from which to transplant.

Cosmetic Products that can help treat hair loss are creams, colored sprays, and powders that help to camouflage thinning areas, as long as there is some hair present. They do not treat the hair loss process. Hairpieces have also been worn throughout time as a means of covering up bald spots and giving the appearance of fuller hair. The most common hairpieces are glue adhesive, weave attachments and clips. It is important to note that hairpieces require monthly maintenance and should be replaced regularly.

It is important to research these products thoroughly before using them. There are many undocumented “miracle cures” that have circulated the market since the 19th century. One of these recent options is PRP or plasma rich platelet treatment which is offered as an option at some clinics. There is no scientific proof that it can help with treatment of hair loss. One can either blindly accept the claims these products make or you can approach them with some skepticism to discern the treatment's reliability. It is always good to look for documented proof or scientific studies on products or any medical treatment option. FDA approval is one way to discern whether the product in fact been studied and proved that it has stimulated hair growth in a majority of persons using it in a safe manner with minimal side effects.

At meshkin medical clinics all viable options for hair loss are discussed with the client. The treatment is customized based on the cause, degree of hair loss and clients needs and concerns.

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