Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?

Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?

One of the most distressing forms of anxiety both in men and women is hair loss. In recent years there has been many studies done that proves the profound psychological effects of hair loss in people's lives. Hair loss can significantly alter someone's self perception, self esteem and make them hyper aware of other people's perception of them. This can in effect cause more stress on people's lives and cause increased hair loss induced by increased stress. This psychological induced cycle continues to have an effect unless at some point the cause of stress is relieved.

Stress can lead to many problems both physically and emotionally. Emotional impact on hair loss has been clearly studied in the past. Studies have found that this kind of hair loss can be temporary and the hair can return once the feeling of anxiety is removed. Since people are so involved with their daily routines, they often forget to take time for themselves to relax and refresh themselves from their daily stress. You can manage your stress through various relaxation techniques. These techniques are necessary to attain a state of calmness and reduce anxiety, pain and anger. Moreover, these techniques have low risk, low cost and can be practiced anywhere routinely.

Once the hair loss beings, it is important to find the cause of the increased shedding. If the hair loss specialist performs all the necessary evaluations and finds that the hair loss may be stress related, then doing the following relaxation techniques may help reduce the amount of shedding over time and hair may begin to regrow. Some of the relaxation techniques that may be helpful to reduce anxiety are meditation, mindfulness, deep breathing , exercise, listening to calm music, yoga, having a cup of tea, visualization of beautiful environment, being positive and staying away from stress induced environments. If these tips are performed on daily basis, the serious side effects of stress can be reduced and any hair loss related shedding can be managed.

Dr. Mike Meshkin, a hair transplant specialist based in Los Angeles and Orange County offers many advises to his clients to start hair loss prevention when they notice thinning at the initial stages. It is important to keep hair healthy and follow a routine that help the overall health of the body and hair. If hair loss is genetic, then hair transplant can be an option to restore the hair that is lost and medical treatment is used to prevent future hair loss and keep hair healthy. If hair loss is stress related then the shedding may be temporary. In these cases, Dr. Meshkin will give advises related to relaxation, nutrition and some medical regiment routines which may help.

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