Does too much or too little shampooing cause hair loss?

Does too much or too little shampooing cause hair loss?

There are many different shampoos and conditioners promoting healthier hair and decreased hair loss. The question arise as to the effects of hair care products and if shampooing too much or too little makes any difference in the overall health of scalp and hair. Many doctors and hair loss specialist agree that the main cause of permanent hair loss is genetic, but unhealthy hair care may lead to temporary shedding of hair.

In general hair goes through its natural cycle of growth every few months. As hair follicle moves from its growth stage to its dormant stage, losing between 80-100 strands per hair is normal. Shampooing does not effect the hair follicle and its cycle, but may have an effect on the hair shaft and the scalp. There are some natural oil production of the scalp designed to condition and protect the hair shaft. Washing too much may strip away these natural oils and make the scalp dry. This may lead to dryness and brittle hair shaft at base which could cause hair loss from breakage. On the other hand by not washing hair enough, natural oil builds up around hair shaft and may not be good for the hair and scalp hygiene. These conditions even if they cause #hairloss are usually temporary. The hair may grow back if good scalp hygiene is implemented.

Often people question the frequency of hair cleansing to keep the balance of natural oil build up. Although main cause of hair loss is #Genetics , #natural buildup of #essential #oils is necessary for the #health of the scalp. It is recommended to wash 2-3 times per week for a balanced scalp oil buildup and production. In some cases when too much sweating happens in between the washing cycle, just simple rinsing could be enough to keep hair clean. This regiment decreases the chances of dry scalp and also retains its natural oils for healthy hair.

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