Hair Transplants for Women – Why Should You Get It?

Hair Transplants for Women – Why Should You Get It?

Women spend thousands of dollars on their hair. They purchase the best shampoos and conditioners, use hair serums, oils, and masks to keep it healthy. They also use hair colors, curling irons, and straighteners to style it according to their needs. Women love and take care of their hair, which is why it can be very difficult for them to deal with hair loss and baldness. At Meshkin Medical, we help women overcome this problem with hair transplants in Los Angeles.

Is It Effective?

Many patients are initially skeptical about this solution and don’t believe the promises doctors make. There are many hair-care products available in the market that promise reduced hair-fall or increased volume, but there’s not very effective. Because of this, women hesitate to trust in some miracle cure. Hair transplants aren’t miracle cures because there’s solid science behind it.

During this procedure, the surgeon will extract healthy hair follicles from donor zone of your scalp and transplant them to areas that have thinning hair. After the implants have healed and the scalp recovers, the hair will start to grow as normal hair would; and in a matter of months you’ll have hair of the length and thickness you expect.

Free Consultation and Good Surgeons

Not all hair transplants are successful and this is mostly because of the skill of the doctor. If you hire the best hair transplant doctor in Newport Beach, you’ll see excellent results. The hair follicles need to be transplanted carefully or they won’t grow or heal well. It’s a delicate procedure that requires a steady hand and considerable skill.

You need to make sure that you hire the right surgeon for the job. We recognize what’s at stake here and offer free consultations at Meshkin Medical. During this consultation session, our surgeon will ask you questions about your health, medical history, your family’s medical history, and recommend a comprehensive approach to deal with your hair loss.

He’ll also explain the procedure and inform you about the risks and results. We believe in honesty with our patients so you’ll get the facts during consultation. This will help you make a well- informed decision about the procedure.


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