How to Select a Qualified Hair Restoration Surgeon

How to Select a Qualified Hair Restoration Surgeon

With today's highly sophisticated techniques such as highly refined Microscopic follicular unit transplantation, it is of utmost importance to make a careful selection of the doctor and his or her staff. A person should consider a doctor who is well experienced and is in the constant pursuit of new skills and surgical techniques for the benefit of his patients and also a doctor who does hair transplant on a full time basis and not a side job. Just as important are the clinic's full time surgical skills and qualifications to assist the doctor with the hair transplant.

Since this is a comprehensive procedure, it is important to do some research and make the right choice. Before making your final decision it is important to consider certain factors into your decision making process. The following are some of the important factors that you may want to consider.

1. Is the doctor of your choice affiliated in major hair restoration societies such as Real Self and ABHRS and have they qualified or passed their board certification program. The American Board Of Hair Restoration Surgery is the only medical organization that certifies doctors exclusively for their knowledge and skills in hair restoration surgery. The doctors must pass high standard oral and written exams and also present hundreds of cases for Board review before they can be certified.

2. Can the surgeon provide hair restoration patient photos as evidence of the doctor's work and skills? It is important that doctor provides at least a dozen before and after pictures.

3. Can the surgeon provide patient referrals? Patient testimonials are very important because you can ask specific questions about their personal experience with hair transplant surgery and the surgeon. If a client is willing to talk to you about the doctor, it shows that the doctor has exceeded the expectations of his patients.

4. Is the surgeon's work documented? Publications in a peer reviewed journals or books ensure the credibility of a surgeon's work and authenticity of his work. if the surgeon's work and techniques are published it shows that it passed the medical review process by doctors who specialize in hair restoration field.

In the hands of a qualified and highly skilled hair restoration physician and staff, hair transplant procedure can be very successful and go very smoothly.

Dr. Meshkin is honored to be recognized as a designated long standing member of ISHRS by his peers and also be certified diplomat by ABHRS for his knowledge and skill as a specialized hair restoration surgeon. He has been chosen as Top influencer in REALSELF100 2015 and 2016 for sharing his knowledge and experience in the field of hair restoration. If you are suffering from hair loss, visit one of Dr. Meshkin's hair transplant and hair restoration clinics in Los Angeles or in Irvine locations. Dr. Meshkin will use the latest techniques and gives the best hair restoration recommendations customized to your needs and concerns.

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