Start Your Journey – The Hair Restoration Process

Start Your Journey – The Hair Restoration Process

People spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on their hair every year. They do this because they understand their hair is an important part of their overall beauty and appearance. While being bald does suit some people and makes them appear striking, it’s a tough look to carry and doesn’t work well for most people, especially women.

Hair transplant surgery is a great solution to the problem. At Meshkin Medical, we offer a brief explanation about the process, but we recommend you consult the best hair transplant doctor in Los Angeles if you have questions.

What is It?

This process is similar to a skin graft and it transplants hair from one area of your scalp to the balding patch. The surgeons will use your own hair so this process is safe and hygienic. This procedure can take up to four hours at a time and you’ll need a few sessions to cover the entire bald spot properly.

How Is It Done?

This surgery can be performed in one of two ways-follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). Both these procedures are quiet effective and are mostly similar. The only difference is the hair extraction method.

  • FUSS – During this process, the best transplant doctor in Newport Beach would numb your scalp with local anesthesia and remove a strip measuring 6 to 10 inches from it. He’ll then sew the wound shut and the area will be covered by the surrounding hair. The surgeon and his team will then divide the strip of scalp into 500 to 2,000 small graft, based on how much area they need to cover.

  • FUE – This process is more labor intensive because the surgeon will first shave off a small area of the scalp and remove the hair follicles one at a time. This leaves behind tiny holes in the scalp that heal naturally.

The grafts and follicles are then carefully transferred to the balding area. The surgeon will make small holes in the skin of the scalp, and gently place every graft or follicle inside the holes. They will heal and accept the graft naturally.


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