Baldness is Now a Choice – Request Your Hair Loss Consultation Now

Baldness is Now a Choice – Request Your Hair Loss Consultation Now

Very few people would willingly choose baldness over a full head of hair. There are some who look great without hair because they have fantastic bone structure that’s emphasized by the lack of hair. However, this look doesn’t flatter everyone, and very few people can successfully pull it off. At Meshkin Medical, we tell our patients that they can choose not to be bald. Modern technology combined with the best hair transplant doctor in Los Angeles can restore hair on your scalp and fill in any bald spots.

It's Your Choice

Hair transplant procedures have been around since 1950s, though they’ve become refined and more effective recently. People with thinning hair are aware of these procedures but they still hesitate to consider it. There are many reasons why patients look for alternative solutions and these include:

  • Cost – Hair transplant surgeries can be costly and that can be prohibitive. However, it’s also an investment because once you get the procedure done, the implanted hair is permanent.

  • Pain – This procedure might sound painful, but it generally isn’t. The doctor will inject local anesthesia to numb your scalp before they remove the follicles or strip of scalp skin. Dr Meshkin uses a modern technique which makes the procedure almost pain free.

  • Effectiveness – After experiencing so many product failures and lack of results, people don’t trust that this surgery would miraculously give them a head full of hair. They don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on something that might not work. Hair transplant in Los Angeles does work and will give you natural looking hair.

Request Your Free Consultation Now

While there’s considerable amount of information available online regarding this procedure, you need to speak with the best hair transplant doctor in New Port Beach personally to understand if this is an ideal solution for you. Meshkin Medical offers free consultation where our surgeon explains everything related to this procedure so you can make a well-informed decision.

If you have questions about hair transplant in Los Angeles, feel free to contact us at Meshkin Medical. For appointments, reach out to our Staff at 800-246-8424 or 949-219-0027. We have offices in Beverly Hills, Encino, Orange County, and Glendale. More contact information is available on this page.


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