Best Hair restoration Treatments for Hair Loss Orange County

Some consider the hair to be the most aesthetic part of the face and as such hair loss can be psychologically very devastating. A primary reason for seeking hair restoration is to restore your appearance to the condition before hair loss. Before making a decision for hair restoration options, it is very important to get evaluated by a qualified hair restoration specialist to find the most comprehensive approach to address your hair loss concerns. If hair loss is in the beginning stage or in a more advanced stage, hair restoration specialist can recommend surgical or non surgical or a combination of treatment options.

During the initial consultation, the physician should spend a considerable amount of time to educate the patient utilizing computerized hair analysis to evaluate extent of hair loss, hair characteristics, hair density and the cause of hair loss. Once the cause of hair loss is determined, the doctor can give recommendations based on the patient's age, goal and expectation, patient's state of health, the degree of hair loss, donor size, donor density, and hair characteristics. If the client had previous surgery, it is imperative to examine the donor availability, and determine the progression of future hair loss to give a recommendation. Once the evaluation is done, the hair transplant specialist should give all the necessary information and educate the patient about both surgical and medical treatment options that may be beneficial to the client.

Since hair loss tends to be both gradual and progressive, it is often wise to combine a surgical and medical treatment regiment routine to get the most optimal result. Medical hair treatments such as finasteride and minoxidil are usually recommended to help preserve thinning hair. Hair transplants can be used to fill in the frontal hairline and thicken the mid scalp and the crown areas while medical treatments can be used to maintain the native hair and possibly enhance the long term results of hair restoration surgery. In most cases a combination of hair transplant surgery and non surgical hair restoration treatment is necessary. It is also important to note that genetic hair loss is progressive, if a patient chooses to not have any non surgical hair treatment and hair loss continues, multiple procedures may be necessary to maintain the desired density.

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Dr. Mike Meshkin, a hair transplant specialist based in Los Angeles and Orange County offers many advises to his clients for hair transplant in Los Angeles and Newport beach hair loss center. If hair loss is genetic, then hair transplant can be an option to restore the hair that is lost and medical hair treatment is used to prevent future hair loss and keep hair healthy.

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