Can hair transplant be done multiple times

Can hair transplant be done multiple times

In recent years a lot of research has been done to find the cause for hair loss and its nature and characteristics. Hair loss is usually genetic in nature and with this type of hair loss, hair follicles which are sensitive to DHT male hormone begin to shrink as men age and will eventually never grow back. This hair loss in men averages 15% between 18-29, increases to 50% by the age of 50 and the rate eventually decreases to 10% for each decade after age of 50. This is just the average progression of genetic predisposed hair loss and may differ from one individual to another. as people age and hair loss continues a comprehensive approach including medical hair treatment or multiple surgeries may be necessary.

Once it is determined that hair loss is progressive, a hair loss specialist can recommend medical hair treatment options to slow down or prevent future hair loss. If one does not want to start any medical hair treatment, surgery may be an option. Harvesting of the hair is one of the important parts of the hair restoration procedure. The hair restoration specialist needs to determine donor hair availability in the donor zone in the back of the scalp and estimate the number of grafts available for harvesting.

There are two options for harvesting from the donor zone, one is FUE and another is FUSS harvesting techniques. FUSS technique is harvesting a strip of hair from the donor zone and them into 1-3 hair units. This technique may leave a thin line like a wrinkle after the donor area is healed. If a second surgery is required as the patient continues to lose native hair, hair can be harvested starting from the previous line. So multiple surgeries can be done without worrying about donor depletion. For FUE round punch instruments are used to extract one hair unit at a time from the donor zone. Multiple punches are necessary to extract hair and this usually leaves multiple round white scars in the donor zone. A second hair transplant requires making punches in between the old round punches which may result in depletion of the donor zone.

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These techniques and possible future hair loss should be discussed in detail with a hair restoration specialist before committing to hair restoration surgery. In many cases, a hair restoration surgeon should choose the harvesting technique that best fits the concerns and also leaves enough donor hair for future use, if multiple procedures become necessary. In general multiple procedures are safe with FUSS technique, whereas with FUE multiple procedures may result in donor depletion of the donor safe zone. For younger patients with progressive male pattern hair loss, FUSS technique may be the best option to retain as much hair as possible for future use.

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