Coolest Hairstyles Of FIFA World Cup 2018

Coolest Hairstyles Of FIFA World Cup 2018

World cup football comes around once every four years but the players and their hair styles set the hair trends for men around the world. From players like Neymar to Ronaldo with variety of hair cuts and hair colors resurrect old styles or even some thing trendy and new, men are ready to follow these superstars and show support for their favorite world cup teams. While trends come and go during the FIFA World Cup, it was evident the players used the football medium to strut their hairstyles and hair colors on an international media gallery.

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Part of the fashion phenomenon was how the players changed their hair styles and hair colors for every game. There are players like Brazil's superstar Neymar who changed his hair color for each match and other players followed suit. There was Superstars like Icelands's Rurik Gislason whose unique hair style became an hit with his social media followers. And then there were lesser know player like Iran's Ramin Rezaeian who became immediately known for hid trendy hair style. This years' World cup has become medium for trendy hair styles and colors as people follow suit their favorite players. We have gathered a few of our own hit list of hairstyles and here are our favorites that are setting trends on this year's World Cup:

1. Renaldo from Portugal with the coolest hair cut short on one side and slick on top. 2. Neymar from Brazil with his spaghetti bleached top and short sides. 3. Ramin Rezaeian from Iran with shaved sides and mohawk on top. 4. David De Gea of Spain for long hair in a bun. 5. Toby Alderweireld from Belgium long bang and shaved sides. 6. Antoine Griezmann from France with a buzz cut. 7. Last but not least Rurik Gislason from Iceland with his slick back flowy long hair that increased his Intagram followers from 30,000 to 250,000 in half hour.

This years World Cup has every trendy hair style that looks great. whether you like short, long, black or bleached it is out there on display. There are plenty to choose, from slicked back undercut, to mohawk, to long in a bun, to comb over to the side. These soccer superstars are setting hairstyle trends for mens's haircut ideas in 2018.

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