Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Nearly Kills A Patient

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Nearly Kills A Patient

There has been news lately of people who travel abroad and opt out for a discounted cosmetic procedure in Turkey. This decision can be costly in other ways as it could lead to infections and hospital costs after the procedure. Fox news reported about a botched procedure that nearly killed a patient and was completely traumatizing. The patient contracted a deadly infection and spent a month in the hospital. During the decision making process, the patient admitted the price was the main factor in the making the choice for the clinic. While cost may be a factor in her decision, the patient learned the hard way that you have to make sure you get a quality care for any money spent. Unfortunately in many of these unregulated countries, the patient care and quality care is not a factor and these unfortunate incidents happen regularly.

For any kind of selective cosmetic procedure including hair transplant procedure, the most important factor should be the quality of care and hair transplant doctors' experience. Now more than ever surgical hair restoration procedure are affordable in the United States. With a little bit of research, one can find best quality hair transplant from a well recognized and experienced hair restoration specialist with most competitive price.

At Meshkin Medical hair restoration clinic You will get the best quality care at a very affordable cost. At the initial consultation, Dr. Meshkin will do his evaluation to determine the amount of quality hair that can be safely harvested and give different options for harvesting the grafts. The donor availability and the degree of hair loss help establish the surgery session size and the actual price range. During the process of hair restoration surgery and the after care, the best quality care is provided both by Dr. Meshkin and his experienced staff. The surgery is done in a safe, sterilized and quality controlled environment. The after care is provided to the patients and it is followed up by the doctor and his staff to make sure the quality care continues as the patient leaves the office. The patient is then encouraged to return and follow up with Dr. Meshkin as a standard of care for after the hair transplant procedure.

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At Overseas clinics many complications can occur because of lack of standard care and quality controlled surgery room and environment. Many of these clinics do not have the doctor or surgeon doing the actual procedure. If complications occur during or after the hair transplant procedure, it is the surgeons responsibility to provide the care. However, at these clinics you do not get the doctor care during the procedure and many do not provide follow up treatments or may not provide to the same standards that patients get in the United States. It is very important to research the clinics and surgeons with caution before committing to do the procedure. If the cost is the only factor in your decision, whatever you pay for a bad and risky hair transplant is way too much.

Dr Meshkin is honored to be recognized as a designated long standing member of ISHRS by his peers and also be certified diplomat by ABHRS for his knowledge and skill as a specialized hair restoration surgeon. He performs FUE hair transplant and FUT hair restoration in Irvine and Newport Beach offices. To find out more about your hair loss, visit one of Dr. Meshkin's FUE hair transplant and FUT hair restoration clinics in Los Angeles and Irvine locations. Dr. Meshkin will use the latest techniques to make his evaluation and see if you can benefit from hair restoration procedure. If you are a good candidate, Dr. Meshkin gives the best hair restoration recommendations customized to your needs and concerns with the most competitive price.

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