Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?

Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?

Currently in the United States approximately 50 million men and women are affected by some type of hair loss. One of the most distressing form of hair loss is hereditary which is permanent and progressive. It is important to now that hair loss may be due to number of other conditions that are temporary but appear to be permanent. One of these causes for hair loss is emotional stress.

Emotional and psychological impact on hair loss has been clearly studied in the past. Some problems associated with hair loss includes anxiety and depression. The hair loss affects the self esteem, self image and One's relationships and career. This in turn causes more stress and leads to more hair loss. This can make the person's self perception and make them hyper aware of other people 's perception of them and cause profound psychosocial affect.

While hair restoration can restore the hair loss and give a satisfactory self image, it is important to have realistic expectations about the results of hair transplant. A realistic expectation is to achieve an increase in hair density, satisfactory for hair styling and overall cosmetic appearance. The hair restoration surgeon should take time to discuss the patient's feelings and fully answer all questions. Sometimes medical hair regiment can help with temporary hair loss caused by stress. The physician should conduct diagnostic examinations and tests to establish the cause for hair loss and its temporary or permanent condition and discuss the best treatment options. Hair restoration specialist should take great care to design a treatment program that will create the optimal results for the patient.

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