Expected Results After Hair Transplant Surgery

Expected Results After Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplantation is a very safe, and relatively minor surgical procedure. It is an out patient procedure performed under local anesthesia while the patient is relaxed either watching T.V or sleeping. The whole procedure is done in one day and depending on the technique used and the number of grafts, it will take a few hours. At the end of the surgery, a light bandage is placed in the grafted area which is removed the next day.

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The post op care is explained to the client and special shampoos are used for the first 7-10 days. While complications are rare, very little discomfort can be expected around the grafted area. Small crusts may form on the grafts, however, they can be camouflaged by any existing hair or by wearing a hat. These crusts will flake off by 5-14 days after the procedure. The donor site where the hair was taken shrinks and heals in a couple of weeks. Once it is healed, it usually is unnoticeable and well hidden by the surrounding hair. The transplanted hair growing from the scalp may initially be shed; however, the roots will remain and will be dormant for 10-14 weeks. All of the transplanted hair will begin to grow after a few months.

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The Amount of coverage varies from patient to patient and it depends on the extent of baldness and the patient's donor availability. within approximately one month, much of the transplanted hair is shed. The hair follicle will then go through a cycle of growth and depending on where in the cycle it is, it will then start to grow in. In about three months, the roots that are in growing stage will begin to grow and continue growing at a normal rate. Most of the hair growth is seen between 6-9 months after the procedure, but it may take up to a year for all the hair to grow in. In rare cases, the hair may take up to two years to grow, but this delay is not well understood. About six months after transplanted hair begins to grow, it begins to take on a normal appearance.

Nowadays only one to two procedures may be needed depending on the degree of balding, patient's donor supply, hair characteristics, and patient's special goals. Hair transplants are remarkably well tolerated and will continue to grow for most, if not all of one's life. However, before committing to a treatment plan, one should be satisfied that all the relevant questions have been addressed.

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