Hair Transplant, a life changing solution to hair loss

Hair Transplant, a life changing solution to hair loss

Hair loss can have a profound psychosocial effect on people's lives, especially at a younger age it impacts one's self esteem and self confidence. Hair loss could also effect people's social relationships, career and sex life. It can significantly alter someone's self perception and make them hyper aware of other people's perception of them. In recent years with popularity of hair transplantation and modern hair restoration techniques, patients can regrow their hair with utmost natural results. Hair restoration can restore self image and has a positive effect on self perception.

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Emotional and psychological impact on hair loss has been clearly studied in the past. Hair loss can have an immense disturbance in one's life and social relationships. Some problems associated with hair loss include loss of self esteem and feeling unattractive and undesirable. Some people even avoid social outings , they feel depressed and have anxiety. Studies show that men are better at coping with hair loss than women and are more willing to find a solution for their hair loss. Women have been found to have more psychological investment in their appearance, making them that much more sensitive to hair loss.

Understanding that hair loss has dramatic effect on peoples' lives, hair restoration doctor should take a great care to design and plan a treatment program that will create the optimal results for his patients. Hair restoration using the latest modern FUE and FUT techniques can be used to restore hair in both men and women with hair loss. Nowadays only one to two hair transplant procedures may be needed depending on the degree of thickness desired and degree of hair loss, and patient's goal. Hair transplants is remarkably well tolerated and will continue to grow for most, if not all of one's life. With these new techniques, a skilled hair transplant specialist can do scalp hair transplant, as well as facial hair transplant, and body hair transplant with most natural result. Studies show that hair transplant improves ones' cosmetic appearance and thereby effects pychosocial life and self esteem. Overall it has been found that hair restoration if done by a skilled hair transplant surgeon has a profound life changing effect on peoples' self image and social relationships.

Dr Meshkin is a hair transplant specialist with 25 years of experience exclusively in hair restoration has offices in Los Angles and Orange County area. During the initial consultation with the Dr. Meshkin, he spends a considerable amount of time to educate the patient utilizing computer hair analysis to evaluate the classification and extent of hair loss, hair loss progression, hair characteristics, and the donor availability. If hair transplant is an option, he will provide an estimate of the number of grafts needed, recommend and explain the best technique of harvesting the grafts that best fits the patient's concerns and goals and the method used for the recipient area. Dr. Meshkin will provide all the information necessary for the patient to make an educated decision for the any surgical or medical hair treatment options available.

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Dr. Meshkin is honored to be recognized as a designated long standing member of ISHRS by his peers and also be certified diplomat by ABHRS for his knowledge and skill as a specialized hair restoration surgeon. He has been chosen as Top influencer in REALSELF100 2015 and 2016 for sharing his knowledge and experience in the field of hair restoration. If you are suffering from hair loss, visit one of Dr. Meshkin's hair transplant and hair restoration clinics in Los Angeles or in Irvine locations. Dr. Meshkin will use the latest techniques and gives the best hair restoration recommendations customized to your needs and concerns.