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Some consider hair to be the most aesthetic part of the face. The primary reason for seeking hair transplant is to restore the appearance to the condition before hair loss began. One of most critical decision to make is to determine the best hair transplant technique for each client.

For the past twenty five years, Dr. Meshkin has been searching to provide the best hair transplant and hair loss treatment options for his clients. He offers free consultation at several Los Angeles hair transplant clinics for the convenience of his clients.

At the Los Angeles hair transplant clinics, Dr. Meshkin makes an accurate diagnosis utilizing computerized hair analysis and best hair restoration treatment plan that is customized for each patient. There are several modern hair transplant techniques that may benefit a client. However, since hair loss tends to be gradual and progressive, even with the best hair transplant, the chance of future hair loss of the existing hair is discussed with the client. If a patient decides to proceed with the hair transplant, medical hair loss treatment option may slow or prevent additional hair loss in the future. At the Los Angeles hair transplant clinic, Encino hair transplant clinic, and Beverly Hills hair transplant clinics all the surgical and non surgical hair loss treatment options are discussed. The majority of patients choose to have a surgical hair transplant in combination with medical hair loss treatment. Modern hair transplant can be used to fill in the frontal hair line and thicken the front half of the scalp, and the medical treatment can be used to maintain hair behind the transplants and enhance the long term results of hair restoration surgery.

For a free consultation to find out about the best hair transplant treatment option and hair transplant cost, contact Dr. Meshkin at (949)219-0027. You can also visit his website at for more information. For a limited time, Dr. Meshkin offers his book "Best Modern Hair Transplant" free of charge, when you visit for a free consultation at his Glendale hair restoration clinic or one of his other Los Angeles hair transplant clinics in the Southern California area.

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