Hairtransplant Is A Lifetime Investment

Hairtransplant Is A Lifetime Investment

Many People suffer some thinning and baldness throughout their lives, which can have a negative impact on their appearance. Most people feel insecure and suffer from a lack of confidence if they have thinning hair and are eventually seeking some hair treatment option for their hair loss. At Meshkin Medical hair restoration surgery center, we believe that you should consider hair treatment options such as hair transplant in Los Angeles or hair restoration through medical hair treatment depending on the cause for your hair loss, your age and degree of hair loss.

A Lifetime's Investment

Hair transplant is an ideal solution if you have unsightly bald patches and intense hair fall. This pattern of hair loss could be genetic and is referred to as Male Pattern Hair loss. The procedure is done in one setting in the office and the recovery is fast and easy. The transplanted hair is taken from an area in the scalp called the donor zone and is resistant to DHT factor that causes hair loss. Since this is a permanent solution for hair loss after such a procedure, you won't have to look for wigs or shaving. However, to decrease the chances of any future thinning of your native hair some sort of medical hair treatment such hair compounds, laser, PRP and ACell may be needed.

With hair transplants, the cost may be of concern initially, but you should consider this as an investment rather than expense. Over time you may save money, because you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on products that may not work.

Hair restoration surgery is a permanent solution for hair loss, the transplanted hair is your own natural hair, so the hair growth is steady and consistent with your own existing hair. Once hair transplant is done and the healing process is about a week. You can then cut, style, curl or color your hair without worries or hesitation. You can treat the transplanted hair the way you treat your native hair, wash, dry and style it how you desire.

Natural Results

The procedure might sound intimidating, but it delivers very natural results. After your hair is fully grown, you won't be able to distinguish where the natural hair ends and where the transplanted hair starts. That is one of th best advantages of this procedure over any other hair treatment options. The best hair transplant surgeons in Newport Beach will make sure that the follicles are placed according to the natural direction and orientation of your own existing hair. This will ensure that the hair will be densely packed and grow into the existing naturally. The best solution to get your own natural hair is by contacting a hair restoration surgeon in Newport Beach or Hair transplant center in Los Angeles.

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