How To Estimate The Number of Grafts

How To Estimate The Number of Grafts

How do doctors estimate the number of grafts for a procedure?

There are two ways to estimate how much #hair is sufficient for the degree of hair loss, and each doctors estimate may be different. Depending on how a doctor chooses to divide up the one, two or three hair grafts, you may get same number of hairs but different number of grafts. For example with 4500 grafts at one clinic you may get 7500 hairs because the break down is 2000 one hair graft 2000 two hair graft and 500 three hair grafts. At another clinic with 3500 grafts you may get 7500 hairs with 1000 one hair 1000 two hair and 1000 three hair grafts and yet another clinic may divide up all the hairs into 7500 one hair units and charge for 7500 graft. how much each doctor harvests from the back is the same, but how they divide and distribute is different. This division and distribution totally depends on the experience, design and the artistic ability of the doctor. It also effects the total cost for the procedure as many clinics total cost depends on the total number of grafts.

To make it more tangible, you can imagine a large pizza. You can divide it into four slices or twenty smaller slices. But the large pizza is the same size in both cases. same with hair transplant. Once the hair is harvested the total number of hair is the same but it can be divided in to smaller units or larger units. With smaller units you get more number of grafts and therefore the cost is more. With larger units, you get less number of grafts and the cost is less. It is the doctors' artistic ability to come up with a combination of units that both make it look natural and give enough density.

When choosing a doctor for hair transplant, it is important to see before and after photos and the number of graft used in each case to get familiarized with the doctor's overall plan and ability. It is also important to not only find out about the number of grafts used but also the total number of hairs used and how the units were divided and distributed.

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