Is hair transplant safe to do in unregulated countries?

Is hair transplant safe to do in unregulated countries?

There are some people that are willing to travel to unregulated countries to have hair transplant or other cosmetic surgical procedures for the cost. Unfortunately due to unregulated environment and low cost you are lucky to get good result.

The hair transplant has to be taken from an area from the back of the head called the donor zone . The donor hair in the donor zone is limited and has to be handled with utmost care. There many detailed factors that are involved in hair transplantation both in the harvesting of the grafts and in the incisions in the recipient area. If any one of those details are not done correctly, then the implanted hair will not grow, and your donor hair is wasted and you are left with a scar. The presence of a medical doctor is the key ingredient to assure that all the steps are done properly and prevent complications.

In many cases these clinics are run by non medical staff and there are no doctors present during the procedure. In some cases, the doctor only shows up for the initial design. During the procedure, many of the clinics use only assistants without any medical training to do the whole procedure including, cutting, harvesting, incisions, and placements. These skills require many years of surgical training and experience to be performed properly. If any of the steps is compromised, not only will it effect the outcome of hair transplant procedure, it may cause serious problems for the patient.

If your decision is just based on the cost and you are willing to take the risk then having hair transplant at an unregulated country could be for you. But before choosing a clinic for your transplant procedure, do research and find a quality clinic with experienced doctor who is present during the procedure to be sure that the proper care is taken. Ask questions about the doctor's experience, background and affiliations to any medical organizations. You need to make sure that the doctor and its staff have proper training to do the procedure. If you do proper research you may find a quality clinic in the states that would meet your expectations and have reasonable cost that is close to your budget. Remember If the cost is the only factor, whatever you pay for a bad transplant is way too much.

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