Most Popular Hair Restoration Worldwide

Most Popular Hair Restoration Worldwide

Men and women worldwide are getting hair transplant procedures in greater numbers than in the past. As hair transplant procedures become more popular in the recent years, many people are seeking facial hair transplant as well as hair treatment for hair loss. Medical hair restoration such as PRP, Acell, Laser and Propecia have also become trendy for hair loss treatment options adding to the overall reason for increased popularity of hair restoration treatments.

According to a recent study released by the International Society of hair restoration Surgery, hair restoration procedures increased by 76 percent between years 2006 and 2014. This number reflects both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options worldwide. The study surveyed 274 hair restoration clinics and found that most patients who seek hair restoration chose hair loss treatment because they are self conscious about their thinning hair. The data shows that majority of the patients were men but the trend is increasing in women.

Although scalp hair transplant is the most popular treatment, eyebrow and beard hair transplants have also become very trendy. Many celebrities with trendy beards and thicker eyebrows have added to the popularity of Facial hair transplants. for those with thin or no facial hair new modern hair transplant techniques have given way to eyebrow, beard and mustache hair transplant that are very natural consequently adding to the popularity of hair restoration procedures in general. Female patients second most popular treatment is eyebrow hair transplant while for men is beard and mustache procedures. Body hair transplant has also gained recognition for either body to scalp or scalp to body hair restoration.

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Nowadays only one to two procedures may be needed depending on the degree of thickness desired and degree of hair loss, and patient’s goal. hair transplants is remarkably well tolerated and will continue to grow for most, if not all of one’s life. With these new techniques, a skilled hair transplant specialist can do scalp hair transplant, as well as facial hair transplant, and body hair transplant with most natural result.

To find out more about hair restoration treatment options, visit one of Dr. Meshkin’s hair transplant and hair restoration clinics in Los Angeles or in Irvine locations. Dr. Meshkin is honored to be recognized as a designated long standing member of ISHRS by his peers and also be certified diplomat by ABHRS for his knowledge and skill as a specialized hair restoration surgeon. He has been chosen as Top influencer in REALSELF100 2015 and 2016 for sharing his knowledge and experience in the field of hair restoration. Dr. Meshkin will use the latest techniques and gives the best hair restoration recommendations customized to your needs and concerns.

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