New Beard and Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedures

New Beard and Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedures

As the popularity of thick beard and eyebrow grows , so does the popularity of beard and eyebrow hair transplant. In the past few years there has been a surge in beard and eyebrow hair transplantation world wide. These are very specialized hair restoration procedures and it is very important that hair restoration specialists have experience in both harvesting and incisions into the recipient areas. Before the procedure all the pros and cons should be reviewed with the hair transplant surgeon and patient should have a clear understanding of what to expect. In the hands of an experienced hair restoration doctor, the results are impeccable and natural.

Transplantation is the only procedure used to restore beard hair. Beard surgery is a very specialized procedure. As is the case for eyebrows and eyelash, donor hair for transplantation is taken from the dense area in the donor zone in the back of the head. All grafts are single hairs and are meticulously placed into the beard and mustache. Hair transplant specialists should spend some time mapping out the areas to be transplanted and determine the direction and orientation of the hair. The direction and the orientation of the implanted hairs should follow the patient's own hair for the most natural result. To achieve that, customized needles are necessary to make the recipient sites. The use of single units allows for adherence to the beard hair orientation for natural results. The implanted hair goes through a cycle of growth and it usually starts to grow in 4 months and it may take up to a year for all the hair to grow in.

If a patient desires a thicker eyebrow, hair transplantation can be done to recreate an eyebrow that is thicker and follows a natural contour. The new eyebrow should be outlined before the procedure to conform to the natural symmetry of the patient's face. Donor hair for the transplant is taken from a site that furnishes finer rather than coarser hair; finer hair is a better "match" for eyebrow hair. Donor hair is transplanted as units of one to two hairs. Each graft is placed into an incision prepared for it. The use of single hair grafts permits meticulous adherence to the eyebrow contour for a natural appearance. As the transplanted hairs grow in their new position they may require occasional trimming as well as "training" with gel or wax.

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For the eyelash procedure, fine hairs are placed in the thinning areas. The recovery takes one week, and the post op care instruction is given. Itching is a common and troublesome postoperative complication. If the patient gives in to temptation and scratches, there is risk for dislodging the hair grafts and initiating infection. Eyeglasses may be worn to deter scratching. Training of transplanted hairs into eyelash conformation is accomplished by use of lash oil and an eyelash curler.

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