Non Surgical Treatment Options For Hair Loss In Women

Non Surgical Treatment Options For Hair Loss In Women

Hair loss in women can have a profound effect on their lives, especially younger ages as it impacts their self esteem, self image and one's relationships, career and life. It can significantly alter women's self perception and make them hyper aware of other people's perception of them. While hair restoration surgery may be an option for hair loss in women, there may be other treatment options available that may be beneficial depending on the cause and degree of their hair loss.

Hair loss in women are typically different from those in men. hair loss in women tends to be more diffuse over considerable area of the scalp, or diffuse thinning in a christmas tree pattern over the central scalp. Hair transplantation is a successful solution to repair female pattern hair loss caused by genetic hereditary androgenic alopecia. However, not all women are good candidates for hair transplantation, if the cause for thinning is other than genetic and there is not enough donor hair available to carry out acceptable hair transplantation.

Women who are not good candidates for hair transplant may consider a series of oral and topical medications that have been used to treat hair loss in women such as the following:

    • Minoxidil

    • Spironolactone

    • Cyproterone Acetate

    • Cimetidine

    • Retinoic Acid

    • Flutamide

    • Ketoconazole

    • Finastride

Other treatment options may include PRP and ACELL injections which contain growth factors to help improve or facilitate hair growth. Also in some cases using low level laser can help with hair loss.

Hair loss treatment in women is more complicated that in men because there are many conditions that may contribute to the cause for hair loss. In order to recommend the best treatment option, There needs to be a comprehensive evaluation done by a qualified hair restoration practitioner. The hair restoration specialist may need to do extensive lab work consisting blood count, thyroid function, urinalysis, and routine chemical studies. Additional studies to check the hormone levels and serum Iron may also be necessary. Before committing to a treatment plan, a women should be satisfied that all the relevant tests are done and the cause for the hair loss is established.

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