Psychological effect of hair loss on men and women

Post date: Dec 9, 2015 12:21:33 AM

Psychological effect of hair loss

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Hair loss can have a profound psychological effect on people's lives as it impacts one's self esteem, self image, relationships and careers. It can significantly alter individuals' self perception and make them hyper aware of other peoples' perception of them. Dr. Meshkin is one of the pioneers in research and development of best hair transplant and modern hair transplant techniques to provide best solutions to help with hair loss for both men and women.

At Dr. Meshkin's Newport Beach/ Irvine hair transplant clinic, he has done studies that show men can often cope with hair loss better than women or younger individuals. They are more comfortable with finding means to hide their hair loss. Men are more likely to discuss their hair loss openly and develop a plan to disguise their hair loss. Whereas, women suffering from hair loss have been found to have more psychological investment in the appearance of their hair than men, making them that much more sensitive to hair loss.

Dr. Meshkin's Newport Beach/ Irvine hair transplant clinic offers free consultation to discuss all the best hair transplant and best hair restoration options. During the consultation he makes thorough investigation for the cause of hair loss. Once diagnosis is established as the primary reason for hair loss, then best hair restoration treatment options and the cost for hair restoration are discussed. It is very important to evaluate hair loss patterns for both men and women to give realistic expectations on self perception. The best hair loss treatment option is dependent on several factors, and in some cases further testing may be required. Most often a combination of hair transplant and medical hair loss treatment regiment is considered. The best hair restoration treatment option is customized to the patients' diagnosis of hair loss, concerns and expectations. Understanding that hair loss dramatically effects one's self perception, Dr. Meshkin takes great care to design a hair loss treatment plan that will create the optimal results for his patients.

For a free consultation to find out about the best hair transplant treatment option and hair transplant cost, contact Dr. Meshkin at (949)219-0027 and visit his website at for more information.

For a limited time, Dr. Meshkin offers his new book "Best Modern Hair Transplant" free of charge when you visit for a free consultation at his Newport Beach/Irvine hair transplant clinic or one of his other Los Angles hair transplant clinics in the Southern California area.

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