Redesigning and lowering hair line using hair transplant surgery

Redesigning and lowering hair line using hair transplant surgery

Some Consider hair to be the most aesthetic part of the face. As such, receding or unusual hair line can dominate one's appearance, drawing attention from other features of the face. The hair line is where the scalp hair borders the forehead and frames the face, thereby bringing out the beauty and richness of one's beauty. When hairline is unusual or it is receding, one's facial features also recede into the background. In recent years hair restoration has become popular to restore the hair line to its original condition before hair loss or to reshape to desired shape for framing of the face.

A primary reason for seeking hair transplant surgery is to restore the appearance to the condition before hair loss had began. One of the more critical decisions for hair restoration is determining where to new hair line should be placed and the shape of hair line that best blends in with other facial features. These should be carefully discussed with the hair restoration surgery specialist. The specialist should recreate the hairline so it is natural and it is age appropriate. The physician should take into account age, facial contours, ethnicity, gender, and hair characteristics. The patient's desires and expectations should also be discussed.

Once these are considered hair transplant specialist should discuss the type of donor hair selected, size of the grafts, the number of grafts and graft distribution and the overall transplant technique to ensure a natural appearance. Widows peak, correct flaring, forelock creation, random pattern, natural orientation, using combination incision both agital and coronal are all important factors for establishing aesthetically pleasing hair line.

Before proceeding with a hair transplant procedure, one must be certain that they are fully informed and understand the physician's recommendations and that likewise the physician understands the wishes and concerns of the patient. The best results of hair restoration require complete physician/patient agreement. The specialist should have the patience to explain his recommendations of proper hairline based on future hair loss, patient's age, shape of the face, donor availability, and the texture and color of the hair to reach a satisfactory compromise. It may be necessary to consider future procedures to accommodate for progressive hair loss.

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