What is ARTAS and Neograft FUE hair transplant technique?

What is ARTAS and Neograft FUE hair transplant technique?

With the popularity of hair transplantation many questions arise as to the so called modern methods and the potential side effects of the procedure. With today's more advance harvesting techniques thousands of hairs can be transferred from one area to the other. The two harvesting techniques that are the most popular are the FUE and the FUT methods. Both of these techniques if done correctly on the right candidate can be very successful. There are different machines that are commonly used with FUE technique. We will review some of them in this blog.

With the FUE technique, round punches in different sizes are used to extract hair from the donor area in the back of the head. This can be done manually or using different types of machines such as ARTAS , Neograft and manual machines. This technique is being advertised as the most advanced technique for hair transplantation, however it has to be done on the right candidate with smaller sessions or else potential side effects may happen after the hair transplant.

There are different machines that are used for the extraction of the grafts from the donor area in FUE technique. One of the machines is the ARTAS. The ARTAS is a computer utilized machine that has an embedded technology to guide the device in extracting each grafts. Another machine for extraction is the Neograft. The Neograft machine is not computerized and is a devise that is used by a person to extract the grafts, like a manual machine. The manual machine is a machine that is also used by human to extract the grafts as well. In case of Neograft, usually there are technicians that are provided by the manufacturer and are send to the doctor to perform the extraction of the grafts. As for the ARTAS there is minimal involvement of the doctor and machine removes the grafts by itself. All of these devises have some advantages and disadvantages in regards to the utilization of the grafts and also the size of punches used for the extraction. These should be discussed with the doctor before choosing a method of extraction.

During the consultation, the hair transplant specialist should examine the donor hair and texture carefully to make sure that the client is a good candidate for FUE technique. If the client has curly hair or if they have a more advanced Male Patten Hair Loss, then FUE should not be recommended. Before deciding on a harvesting method, and the machine used for harvesting. it is a good idea to discuss all the pros and cons with your doctor. A hair restoration surgeon with experience should do an evaluation and give recommendation customized to each individual's needs and concerns. In the case of FUE technique, it can be successful and is a good procedure for smaller cases and in individuals with straight hair. . If you need greater than 1000 grafts or you have curly hair then it is to your advantage to consider the strip method. It is wise to keep in mind that harvesting is just one aspect of the procedure. To get the most aesthetic result the most important part is the design of the recipient area, the execution of the plan and the surgical skills of the hair transplant surgeon.

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