What is Best Modern Hair Restoration Technique for Hair Transplants?

What is Best Modern Hair Restoration Technique for Hair Transplants?

So you're in the Southern California: Los Angeles, Orange County, Irvine area(s) and you have decided on hair restoration and now are looking for a qualified hair restoration surgeon with the most advanced modern technique for the best result. It is important to know the facts about current advanced surgical options so that you can make the right decision. Surgical instruments and techniques have steadily evolved and improved over the years. New methods of surgical hair restoration replace lost hair and re shape the hairline with your own natural, growing hair, in a way that is virtually impossible to tell that grafts have been placed.

To find the best alternative for you, the first step is to find a qualified hair restoration surgeon with many years of experience and arrange for a consultation. During the consultation hair transplant harvesting and implanting techniques are discussed. Currently there are two harvesting techniques that are available the strip method or FUT and the punch method or the FUE. They involve removing permanent hair bearing skin from the back and or sides of the scalp in the donor area. Once the hair is removed it is then transferred and implanted in the recipient area.

Today's new advanced Ultra Refined Follicular Unit hair transplant allows thousands of hair follicles to be placed in one or two sessions with lateral Microslit grafting technique. This can be achieved by using microscope to dissect and remove excess tissue attached to the hair follicles, therefore eliminating the skin gaps or dead space. This allows for the grafts to be placed in close proximity and enables the surgeon to dense pack the grafts. Using customized needles for each client, the lateral incisions are made following ones own natural orientation which requires more skill and attention to be performed properly. The creation of these small incisions allowing for small follicular units to be placed has enabled the hair surgeons to create a utmost cosmetic result with this modern advanced hair transplant technique.

Nowadays only one to two procedures may be needed depending on the degree of balding, patient's donor supply, hair characteristics, and patient's special goals. Hair transplants is remarkably well tolerated and will continue to grow for most, if not all of one's life. With these new techniques, a skilled hair transplant specialist can also do beard hair transplant, eyelash hair transplant, eyebrow hair transplant and hair line lowering with most natural result.

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