What is the proper age to do hair transplant surgery?

What is the proper age to do hair transplant surgery?

Androgenic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss and it is common fear amongst both men and women with family history of hair loss. In some cases the process of hair loss starts at a very young age. In those cases, many clients get anxious and seek hair transplant surgery as an first option to treat their hair loss. Seeking advice from a hair transplant specialist or a hair restoration physician is recommended. The hair restoration doctor will diagnose the cause of hair loss and make sure the pattern is set before even considering hair transplant surgery.

A skilled hair loss specialist should review your family history, age, degree of hair loss, goals and concerns and offer the treatment that is the most suitable for the needs of the patient and give the optimal result. Hair on the scalp that is genetically susceptible to androgenic alopecia starts to shrink until it eventually disappears. The hairs on the sides and the back of the head is usually genetically permanent hair which is destined to remain for the lifetime. It is important for the hair transplant specialist to find out if the hair loss is temporary or it is permanent hair loss. For starters, you need to not wait for evidence of substantial permanent hair loss. Even if one has predetermined genes that will cause loss of hair eventually, there still are several steps that one can take to slow down this process . Should hair loss persist and appear to be permanent, it will lead to more advanced hair loss which can be treated by hair transplant.

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Consultation with a hair restoration specialist is helpful to find out not only the cause of hair loss, but also if hair transplant should be considered in addition to medical hair treatment. If a patient is very young most doctors wait to do hair transplant, but may start the medical hair treatment options to slow down the hair loss until the pattern of hair loss is more established at an older age. Although there is no set optimal age, most hair transplant doctors recommend to wait until the patient is at least 22 years with established hair loss, in good health and good quality donor hair for hair restoration surgery.

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