Will only method of harvesting effect the overall hairtransplant result?

Will only method of harvesting effect the overall hairtransplant result?

In the recent years there has been discussions about overall results of hair transplants correlation to the harvesting techniques among experienced hair transplant surgeons. There is a faction that only prefers FUE or follicular unit excision and then there is another group that push for FUT or the strip techniques for harvesting making clients believe that harvesting will effect overall hair transplant result. Although bad harvesting from the donor area may effect the result, the overall result depends on the planning and distribution of the grafts in the recipient area.

These two harvesting techniques have been overly studied and experimented to find out the pros and cons for each. Over the past decade each technique has gone through a evolution of perfection and now doctors are more certain as to which is better for a client on individual basis. Those clients who are leaning towards FUE hair transplant there are advantages and disadvantages that needs to be discussed before the procedure is recommended. If the patient is a good candidate for FUT or the strip method, there are new techniques developed that could minimize the scarring and almost invisible to find after healing.

In recent years a more advanced procedure for closure of the wound was developed by hair transplant surgeons for harvesting the grafts. This method is called the Trichophytic closure, a superior and exclusive method in camouflaging scaring or removing the previous scars that were there from other hair restoration procedures. This methods is a very meticulous donor removing and closure technique. The lower edge of the incision is removed in such a manner that the hair grows through the incision making it very hard to see after it heals, even with a short hair cut. As a result, in most cases the trichophytic method allows hair transplant patients to wear short hairstyles without the fear of exposing a surgical scar.

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With the modern hair transplant techniques, once the hair is harvested from the donor area, it is cut under the microscope into refined hair follicular units. The hair restoration specialist should then make incisions into the recipient areas using customized needles that would allow for lateral incisions and smaller units to be implanted following the direction and orientation of patients's own hair. The hair restoration specialist should take time and follow facial contours and make the incisions close enough for dense packing. Many of the units have double or triple follicular units naturally and should be placed in the recipient areas accordingly. The one and two hair units should be placed close to frontal hairline for natural look and the triple hair units in the mid-scalp to crown for density. The hair restoration specialist should pay close attention to size and number of grafts and plan out the distribution in advance. These factors will allow for the most natural and best hair transplantation results.

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