Does Proper Diet effect Hair?

Post date: Jan 15, 2015 3:23:37 AM

Does Proper Diet effect Hair?

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Although there is nothing wrong with growing old gracefully, most people want to hold on to their hair for as long as they could, perhaps that explains the growing popularity of hair care products and vitamins. But do these products and vitamins really work in maintaining healthy hair and battling hair loss?

There are many causes of hair loss and one is the diet deficiency. There are certain foods that are known to help hair grow stronger and healthier, making it look and feel thicker. In general foods that are rich in high proteins, Zinc, vitamin B, Magnizium, Omega fatty acids and antioxidants help keep hair and the scalp healthy.

Protein is necessary for keratin structure of the hair, and proper growth. Protein is found in foods such as eggs and kale. For Iron rich food look for spinach which helps wiht keeping the structure of the hair healthy. Omega fatty acids are necessary to keep the hair nice and shinny and decrease breakage. Other foods such as walnuts and flaxi seeds are also rich in omega fatty acids. Flaxseeds, salmon, flaxi oils are rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 and help with keeping hair look healthier. Veggies and sweet potatoes are antioxidant that are rich in vitamin A and C and are helpful to maintain the scalp nice and normal and not dry. Other foods such as almonds and baby spanich help with magnizium.

To maintain hair and scalp healthy one must have proper diet. Crash diets, caloric deprivation, and sudden weight loss have been reported to be associated with hair loss. The most damaging are Iron, Zinc, Biotin and protein deficiency. Like any other body organ, the hair needs food to grow and remain healthy. So the next time you decide to go on a crash diet remember you will shed weight, but you will also shed hair as a result.

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