Mohamed A. 

Newport Beach, CA
3/18/2014 Five Star Review Meshkin Medical Hair Restoration and Transplant Clinic (949) 219-0027

Today was my first visit to Dr Meshkin's office. I have been considering a hair transplant for over 12 years. I have been to Hair Club, Bosley, Hasson and Wong for consultations and the list goes on. After years of research I found out these butchers don't have your best interest at heart. They were willing to do a transplant on a 22 year old, knowing that I would be running to them every two years to fill up the bald spots. The only one that seemed to have decent results was H&W but still only cared about now! Two of my colleagues were supposed to go with me to Canada for the procedure at H&W, but somehow, they were lucky enough to come across Dr. Meshkin.

At first I was very skeptical, although they were both super impressed with the level of customer service, the absence of sales tactics and pressure, which is very rare in the industry. It has been a year since the first one had work done and 4 months for the second one. All I can say is the doc has mad skills when it comes to creating a natural hairline, while concentrating on density in the right areas.

I’m beyond impressed and can't believe I almost flew all the way to Canada, while this phenomenal doctor is 5 miles away from me. 

As to my visit, this is the first time a came across a doctor who's capable of giving you a full assessment on where you stand and how you should proceed while taking into consideration the likelihood of future hair loss. From my experience, some doctors will go over couple of things and miss a couple, so you get to figure out what you need by visiting many clinics. This doctor hit it all in one visit. Also, if you think hair transplant is financially out of reach, you owe it to yourself to check Dr. Michael Meshkin's clinic. Ritz Carlton service and quality, almost Costco pricing. You simply will not go wrong. I’m growing my hair finally to have some feathers put back on top of my head :) I will list pictures in 45 days for an update.

I’m a little disappointed that the Doctor's clients don't seem familiar with Yelp, they would have saved me a lot of time and money if they were to share their experience with the rest of us.

Alan E.

Los Angeles, CA
6/18/2014 Five Star Review Meshkin Medical Hair Restoration and Transplant Clinic (949) 219-0027

I agree with the other positive reviews you're reading. Bravo! Economical, professional and to-the-point. You've made the right choice with Dr. Meshkin, Ana, and the rest of the staff. They won't try to upsell you, nor will they make false promises. For example, Dr. Meshkin told me that he doesn't guarantee to his patients that post-op you won't be able to see through to the scalp. He said only that the density of the transplanted hair will be consistent and of a good quality. Dr. Meshkin also calls after surgery to check on your well-being. And you are encouraged to call him in the following days if you have any questions or concerns. This was appreciated. 

Ana, his assistant, once told me that people often come to Dr. Meshkin to have him "clean up" work which was done at other places, and it's believable. I'm about a month post-op, and my experience has been excellent. My scabs are mostly all healed, and peach fuzz is growing where there used to be only baldness. Sometimes the transplanted hair will fall out before the follicles grow new hair. So don't let this concern you. It's just a process you go through. (So far this hasn't happened with me.)

Friends wanted to know details about how hair transplants work. 

THE METHOD: I had the strip method done with Dr. Meshkin. I was told by Ana to leave at least about an inch of hair in the middle of the back of my head, the donor area. This is where they take the hair follicles to transplant them to the parts of the head where hair is thinning or not growing.
(If you think of the baldest guy you've ever known, he still has hair growing in this area of his head. And it will grow there throughout his lifetime.) 

THE MEDS: I would advise you to take the meds, especially the painkillers, as they are prescribed by Dr. Meshkin and Ana. I did this, and I had a smooth experience. If anything is unclear, call and double-check and write down the info about how to take the meds. (For the record, I am not a person who typically takes meds or recreational drugs. But I did as prescribed before and after the operation. A friend told me to avoid taking the med for dizziness post-op due to its potential side effects--unless I was VERY dizzy. I did as my friend suggested, and I didn't take any dizziness pills after the op.) 

THE SURGERY: During surgery, I was in what they call twilight, where I was bordering on being unconscious but still just barely awake. While they were working on my hair, I heard what sounded like the computer mouse clicking away on top of my head. To me, this was a soothing sound. At one point, Dr. Meshkin told me that they had successfully taken the grafts. Now they would have to separate them before the next part of the procedure. My donor area was good, he told me, and he said it was going to look very nice. 

THE PAIN: People ask me if it was painful. During and after surgery I felt about the same way. For me, it didn't really hurt. There was this pressure or tension on my head, especially the first two days, as if I was wearing a tight helmet. And even though it wasn't exactly painful, the night after surgery, I did have to wake up every 4 hours to take another pain pill. The pressure or tension in my head woke me up that often. So again, not really super-painful. But you feel as if there is a helmet on your head. Be sure to have a follow-up consultation with Dr. Meshkin about 2 weeks post-op to make sure you are healing properly. (You don't have to go to the Newport Beach office for this, as he has consultation offices throughout the city.) 

To sum up, go to Dr. Meshkin. He knows what he's doing. He's affordable. And in your quest for a fuller head of hair, he's there for you each step of your way.

Farzan G.
Westlake Village, CA
4/10/2014 Five Star Review Meshkin Medical Hair Restoration and Transplant Clinic (949) 219-0027

My experience with Dr. Meshkin came after three years of research, consultations and playing the waiting game. Compared to other doctors, Dr.Meshkin gives little sales pitches. The quoted cost was more than competitive with doctors with far less experience and skill. My consultation lasted less than 25 minutes and I left for work in time, confident that I picked the right doctor for me. The session is still pending but I figured giving a review would help some people feel more comfortable making a Consultation appointment with his office.

Luis V.
Stanton, CA

My experience so far has been great. Dr. Meshkin has been very attentive and helpful. He called me the night after the surgery to check if I was doing fine and he went over the instructions with me on how to take care of myself to have a good and successful recovery. Even though he gave me guidance on a sheet of instructions we've been in contact. He gave me his cellphone number and whenever I have questions I just call him and he answers right way. My recovery seems to be good. Aside from Dr. Meshkin's professionalism on how to treat patients, his staff is very friendly and attentive. During the surgery, I felt very comfortable. They constantly checked on me to make sure I didn't have any pain during the surgery. I will post again to update on the full results of the surgery. The end results will speak about Dr. Meshkin’s job. In the mean time I'm happy to have chosen Dr. Meshkin for my hair transplant.

Jason S.
Newport Beach, CA

I just wanted to thank Dr. Meshkin and his staff. I had a consultaiton one year ago and was kind of reluctant about the whole procedure, but after my initial meeting with Dr. Meshkin I felt more at ease. He explained everything very thoroughly, he was very knowledgeable, which made me feel like I was in good hands. On the day of the procedure I was very nervous, but once I got there Dr. Meshkin and the staff made me feel very comfortable. They gave me some medication to help me relax and before I knew it, the procedure was over. Dr. Meshkin called me that evening to check in on me, which was very considerate--a great personal touch to the service. The recovery was about a week. I decided to take a short vacation so that no one would notice upon returning to work. After 3-4 months my hair started to grow in. Now 1 year later my hair looks AMAZING.

I definitely recommend Dr. Meshkin and his staff. They were highly professional and did an overall great job.

Mark H.
Huntington Beach, CA

Up front, it's important to point out that I am a surgical technician with many years experience working with many doctors. And I am writing this review only 1 day post op.

Before going to Dr. Meshkin, I performed considerable research on all of the usual names in the hair replacement field. Bosley, Hair Club for Men, and some other independent practices. Having had experience working with what some call 'chain' medical practices, I knew how important it was to examine the long term results of the individual physician as well as the longevity of the staff not only in working with the physician, but with the whole surgical team as well.

From the research, I found that Dr. Meshkin had nothing but rave reviews not only from patients but from other physicians in the field as well. During the consultation with Dr. Meskin, he performed an examination and informed me of multiple courses of action, and recommended one. He clearly explained the pros and cons of each choice and I found it impressive the he made it a point that although he recommended one option, that I was the one to make the choice ultimately.

Additionally, Dr. Meshkin performs the procedures in his own office, with his own surgical staff. In my experience, this is often something that leads to just a bit better outcome with any surgical procedure. In comparison with other physicians/groups that I checked out, their physicians (while seemingly technically proficient, for the most part) would gloss over multiple options and then focus on the one that they believed should be done. Not blatantly taking the choice away from the patient, but more so implying that if the patient chose otherwise, that the results would be sub par. Again from my experience as a surgical technician, this can sometimes (not all the time) be an indication that a physician is not comfortable performing a procedure that they do not recommend. The other physicians/groups tend to perform the procedures at another office, often sharing surgical staff with other physicians who are also using the surgical center. Now while this model can sometimes be cost effective, it could in some cases (again, not all the time) inadvertently lead to small corners being cut in order to keep overhead low. Plus shared surgical staffs tend to not have the longevity working with each other as well as the physician when compared to a physician having their own surgical staff. 

Throughout the preparation for the procedure, during the procedure and immediately post op, I was impressed by not only the technical proficiency of Dr. Meshkin, but by his whole surgical team as well. I found all of them to be pleasant, polite, yet very professional. The interaction between Dr. Meshkin and his staff showed comfort and trust in working together, something that can only be gained from long term experience. The simple speaking in short hand or already knowing what your physician will need from the surgical staff before he asks tends to produce better surgical outcomes in addition to simply giving a patient a merely pleasant surgical experience.

Dr. Meshkin (as well as his staff) appeared to practice not only the science of medicine, but the art of medicine as well. Up to this point, it appears that Dr. Meshkin did an excellent job at managing patient expectations with reality as well as not forcing patient exceptions down. Dr. Meshkin has a great staff – Roya, Suzette, Lupe Deisy, Alma, Alex and Ana –who work very well together and seamlessly with him. The staff’s interaction between each other as well as with myself showed a well experienced and well oiled machine. If you are considering hair replacement, I highly recommend that you do yourself justice and give Dr. Meshkin and his team an opportunity to earn your trust and confidence.

Azmi K.
Santa Ana, CA

During the last 15 years I have had two experiences prior to Dr. Meshkin at both Bosley and Hair Lab. In both of these two places I was not satisfied with either the results or the experience itself. Bosley's prices were astronomical and the Hair Lab was also too expensive and did not make a difference in my hair, except for other hair falling out as well. After just completing the second hair transplant with Dr. Meshkin, I can in all confidence say that this is the best decision I have made regarding my hair transplants.

Dr. Meshkin's office staff is top notch and their service and care are superior. I have already seen substantial results from the first transplant and I can already see how much of a difference this second one will make. The price is also very reasonable. I plan to have a third transplant as soon as I am able to. I am seeing great results and I know that I am with the right doctor for this time.

Khosrow B.
Glendale, CA

I considered hair transplant, did my home work, and having the first visit with Dr. Meshkin, I decided w/ hesitation to pursue with Dr. Meshkin. I felt very comfortable especially due to his experience, and NO sales pitch. I didn't see any exaggeration and he brought up all the potential problems. I had my operation on Oct/18/2013, the whole process was extremely comfortable,. His staff were extremely professional and all they knew how to do their job. I didn't see any administration/sales overhead and that is why the price was reasonable. The office was very clean, nice and easy to access. I strongly recommend Dr. Meshkin.

Denise K.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I was referred to Dr. Meshkin by a leading plastic surgeon in Newport Beach.  I had contemplated a transplant for many years and I only wish I had found him sooner. He is extremely professional and very honest.  It has been two weeks and I already have enough hair growing on the top of my head to give the appearance a crew cut.  He gives a very upfront appraisal of what you can expect; I had a minimal amount of donor hair and was pretty bald.  I am more than pleased with the results.  The cost was VERY reasonable and the staff is great. If you have any doubts go see him.  His consultation is free, the discomfort minimal and the results are great.

Richard A.
Irvine, CA

Excellent results. Dr. Meshkin is a very friendly doctor who went above and beyond the consulting me in regards to the process. I was skeptical going in, but after 10 months my results are absolutely amazing.  My growth is more than I expected and there is no scar whatsoever from procedure.  If you are looking to get this done do not look any further than dr. Meshkin.  I look 15 years younger and very handsome now.

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