Computer use and hair loss

Computer use and hair loss

Although there is no scientific proof of a cause-and-effect relationship between computer use and hair loss, medical experts have noticed a higher percentage of hair loss amongst IT employees with long periods of time exposed to electromagnetic radiation in electric appliances, such as the computer. Some experts suggest that exposure to radiation from a computer can cause hair loss amongst other things.

We’re surrounded by radiation—sunlight, electric light, heat, radio waves, power lines, and other forms of energy–not just from our medical and dental X-rays. Radiation comes from natural radioactivity in the environment, from minerals and the earth. Most of us are exposed to two kinds of radiation: ionizing (creates free radicals that can damage tissue) and electromagnetic. The former, which removes electrons from atoms, is more dangerous.

In recent years due to increased in exposure to radiation from increased computer use, many scientists have linked exposure to increased hair loss, headache, insomnia, declining memory, irregular menstruation, miscarriage, low sperm viability, fetal anomalies, and some cancers. Although the most common cause of hair loss is genetic, Some scientists suggest exposure to radiation and stress may instigate or facilitate the process of hair loss. To reduce chances of symptoms, a simple change in everyday routines to reduce the exposure is helpful.

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At this time of work from home environment, many clients have complained about increased hair loss. One could suggest that stress and long work days in front of the computer can contribute to their hair loss problem. The EPA states that if one is concerned about symptoms such as hair loss then changing habits to limit exposure, length of time, and distance from a screen can help with reducing symptoms. Although we cannot escape radiation completely, making A choice to change habits and reduce computer use or taking frequent breaks could reduce possible symptoms. Even though at this time there is no solid scientific evidence between computer use and hair loss, one can reduce any possibilities by simply changing daily routines and daily use of computers.

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