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About Meshkin Medical

Hair Restoration Specialists & Aesthetics located in Newport Beach and Glendale, CA

Meshkin Medical is a hair restoration clinic for men and women in Newport Beach and Glendale, California. Michael Meshkin, MD, and Alister Meshkin, MD, are leading authorities in hair transplantation and the best in the field, having performed thousands of hair restoration procedures.

They use the latest techniques and tools for hair restoration, including follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplants, the primary procedures used for restoring thick, natural-looking hair. They also perform body hair transplant procedures, such as beard transplant, eyebrow transplant, and eyelash transplant.

Dedicated to providing the most cutting-edge hair loss treatment, Meshkin Medical offers non-surgical hair restoration options using ACell therapy.

Additionally, Meshkin Medical has a MedSpa, offering non-surgical aesthetic treatments like Botox®, and dermal fillers

Meshkin Medical is a leader in hair loss treatment and has helped thousands of people regain their self-confidence, changing their entire outlook on life. 

Call the nearest Meshkin Medical location or book an appointment online today.