What is FUE hair transplant?

What is FUE hair transplant?

FUE hair transplant surgery is a harvesting technique that has been introduced in hair restoration field as an alternative to the traditional strip hair transplant. A qualified hair restoration surgeon uses a small punches of various sizes to isolate, and incise a follicular unit from the donor hair area in the back of the scalp. The follicular unit is removed with forceps from the scalp and placed into a stable solution until it is placed back into the recipient. Once the desired number of units that is removed by using the punches, the hair restoration surgeon starts to prepare and make the incisions into the recipient area where the hair loss has occurred.

The hair transplant doctor usually uses customized needles to make proper incisions into the thinning areas. Depending on the area of hair loss, one hair, two hair or three hair units are used to fill in the incisions. Follicular units will be placed according to their size using small forceps. Once all the follicular units are placed, the areas are cleaned and a light bandage is placed to cover the grafted and donor area.

There are many clinics that claim their method of FUE is the best or it is scar free. In truth, FUE utilizes punches. Some of these punches are taken out manually or using a machine. The names for these machines may differ but the overall method is the same. Before considering the Most Advanced FUE, find out if the clinic is legit and is not just giving the same method a different name. Ask questions about the experience of the doctor and staff, and make sure the medical technicians are not performing the actual surgery. A lot of the hair transplant clinics who are not truthful about their methods of harvesting usually have unlicensed technicians performing some, if not all, of the surgical procedure.

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