Beard Transplants: The Before and After In Los Angeles

Beard Transplants: The Before and After In Los Angeles

Some men look great with a bare, clean shaven face. They have the facial features that look best exposed and defined. However, there are some who would look great with a good beard because it emphasizes on their jawline and hides any flaws they might have.

To look good, the beard should be even and the hair should be properly spaced and thick enough to show clearly. Men who’re naturally blessed with great beard hair look great, but others? Not so much. At Meshkin Medical, we conduct beard transplant surgeries that would give you the results you need.

Before – Why Get the Procedure Done?

Facial hair immediately grabs attention if you allow it to grow. If it grows well, you don’t need to worry about how it looks because if the beard doesn’t suit your features, you can just shave it off. It’s completely customizable so you can style your beard to look like Tony Stark’s precise goatee or try the Gandalf look.

But to support a good beard, you need good facial hair that has healthy follicles. Unfortunately, not everyone has healthy hair follicles that produce thick hair. Some follicles are damaged by daily shaving while some produce thin, wispy hair that’s not attractive in a beard. You might not even have hair follicles in places where you need them to grow a good beard.

Beard transplant surgery can change that. If you have problems growing and maintaining decent amount of facial hair, you should get a consultation with us because we can help you.

After – How Do We Help?

The beard transplant surgery is similar to hair transplant surgery. We essentially harvest hair follicles from another part of your body, specifically the back of your head, and transplant it to your face. The follicles are placed carefully to ensure you don’t have hair in unwanted places.

The surgeon would make small incisions along your skin and plant the follicles in those places. Those incisions will heal in a matter of days and the follicles would fuse with the surrounding skin.

At first, the hair would fall out after two weeks but you shouldn’t be concerned because that’s just a part of the healing process. It’ll start growing back after three months and you’ll get the facial hair you always wanted.

If you have questions about beard transplant, feel free to contact our friendly Meshkin Medical staff. For appointments please call 800-246-8424 or 949-219-0027. We have offices in Beverly Hills, Encino, Orange County, and Glendale. Office Contact information is available on this page.