Correlation of advanced hair loss and heart disease

Correlation of advanced hair loss and heart disease

Recent studies show that there is a correlation between hair loss and heart diseases. In fact most of the studies show that a more advanced male pattern hair loss in the vertex and the crown area could be a visible sign of heart disease. The biological link between hair loss and heart disease could involve elevated levels of male hormone testosterone which coverts to DHT that effects the hair follicles. Elevated male hormone levels can be linked to an increase risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, abnormal cholesterol level, all of which raise the risk of heart disease.

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The most distressing cause of hair loss in male and female are genetically inherited. The symptoms of this genetically predetermined disorder include physical changes in the hair which eventually makes the hair to become thin and begin to fall out. In genetically prone men, the presence of hormone dihydrotestosterone or DHT is necessary for this problem to occur. The scalp has a higher density of male hormone receptors and therefore thinning and hair loss occurs usually in the fontal to the crown areas. Studies also show that high levels of hormones such as testosterone are associated with risk of hardening of arteries and blood clotting which are contributing factors or increased risks of heart disease. Researchers found that the men with more severe hair loss developed more heart disease than men with only mild or moderate hair loss. They suggested a link between the degree of hair loss in more advance classification and heart problems. They also suggested that a receding hairline in men had little relationship. They did not include any women in their study, however they suggest that if the hair loss in women is caused by increased by the level of testosterone, then they may also be at risk of heart disease.

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Dr. Mike Meshkin, a hair transplant specialist based in Los Angeles and Orange County offers many advises to his clients to start hair loss prevention when they notice thinning at the initial stages. It is important to keep hair healthy and follow a routine that help the overall health of the body and hair. If hair loss is genetic, then hair transplant can be an option to restore the hair that is lost and medical treatment is used to prevent future hair loss and keep hair healthy. In more advanced hair loss, it is a good idea to see a cardiologist to check for any sign of heart disease.

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