Foods That Help Prevent Hair Loss

Foods That Help Prevent Hair Loss

There are many factors that contribute to hair loss one of which is nutritional deficiency. Crash diets and caloric deprivation of less than 1000 calories per day or sudden weight loss of more than 20 pounds have been reported to be associated wit hair loss. The evidence of hair shedding can be noticed one month after the diet begins. Nutritional factors that are necessary for hair growth are protein, fatty acids, Zinc, iron, Biotin, Magnesium, Vitamins A, C, E, and B complex. Like any other body organ, the hair needs certain foods to grow and stay healthy. Therefore, it is important to know which foods are good for your hair and tailoring the diet to achieve nutrition that keeps hair healthy.

Foods That Help Prevent Hair Loss Meshkin Medical

There are some foods that are beneficial for the hair because they have the quality and quantity of the various nutrients necessary for healthier hair. The following is a list of beneficial food product:

    1. Spinach- Full of Minerals

    2. Sunflower seeds- Has Vitamin B5

    3. Salmon - has Vitamins D and Omega 3

    4. Beets- Nitrates

    5. Oatmeal- Fiber

    6. Chicken- Archidonic Acid

    7. Red Bell Pepper- Rich in Vitamin C

    8. Eggs- Vitamin B

    9. Lentils- Rich in Iron, Zinc, and Biotins

    10. Oyster- Rich in Zinc

    11. Lean Beef- Rich in Iron

    12. Barley- Has Vitamin E

    13. Nuts and Seeds- Has Oils and Saw Palmetto

    14. Bok Choy- Iron

    15. Greek Yogurt- Rich in Minerals

    16. Halibut- Rich in Magnesium

Your Daily food intake should contain adequate Vitamins including Vitamin A, Biotin, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, E, and Zinc. Should you decide to engage in a weight loss program, before starting your diet it is best to consult with a nutritionist. If you start to lose while on a diet, your hair loss may be caused by Nutritional deficiency. You need to contact a hair restoration specialist to find out the cause for your hair loss. If it is related to your diet, you should be cautious to make sure that your diet does not cause or contribute to your hair loss. A hair loss specialist and nutritionist should be able to guide you for your food intake that contains the necessary nutrients to avoid hair loss.

Before proceeding with a hair transplant procedure, one must be certain that they are fully informed and understand the physician's recommendations and that likewise the physician understands the wishes and concerns of the patient. The best results of hair restoration require complete physician/patient agreement. The specialist should have the patience to explain his recommendations of proper hairline based on future hair loss, patient's age, shape of the face, donor availability, and the texture and color of the hair to reach a satisfactory compromise. It may be necessary to consider future procedures to accommodate for progressive hair loss.

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