How Long does coronavirus stay on the hair and should we be concerned?

How Long does coronavirus stay on the hair and should we be concerned?

There are many clients who wonder about their hair and Coronavirus. Although there is no particular studies done to find the length of time the corona virus stays on the hair or if it affects hair loss at all, many are asking if they should be concerned about transmission of the virus from the hair to the respiratory tract.

There are studies done that show the new coronavirus may stay on cloth and on stainless steel and plastic for up to four days. The question becomes with hair having different physical structure, does it stay on the hair long enough for us to be concerned about transmission.

At this point there are no specific studies that show any connection between COVID19 and the human hair or even beard hair. There is the possibility that the virus could remain alive on your hair for a few hours or even a few days and could be transmitted by touching. If that is the case, the question becomes if the hair should be washed more often to reduce the possibility of transmission. In general in a healthy environment, washing your hair too often is not recommended since you lose the natural oil of the scalp and may cause hair breakage and hair loss. However, since there are no particular studies done with this new virus a common sense approach can be more practical.

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The recommended approach is to follow all the safety guidelines by the CDC and stay aware of the environment. If a person is in a crowded area and feels more exposed, it is safe to wash hair more often. If someone is exposed to sneezing, or coughing directly into their hair, and if one strokes their hair with his or her contaminated hands or be in direct contact with someone who may have the virus, it is a very good idea to wash your hair as well as other parts of the body. In general one should try to avoid touching their face and hair with their hands, they should follow the safety guidelines, maintain the safe distance from others and wash their hair as needed, to reduce the chances of transmission.

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