Cricketers love of hair transplant

Post date: Jan 20, 2015 11:19:20 PM

Cricketers love of hair transplant

Hair transplant has become very popular amongst athletes, specially cricketers. Here is a list of cricketers who have done hair transplant to regain their hair and their youth.

1. Shane Warne

The crafty Shane Warne’s hair loss was never a secret, and so have been his hair transplants. The Australian leg-spin bowler’s hair graft not only got him Liz Hurley as his sweetheart but also encouraged men all over the world to ditch their hideous toupees.

2. Sourav Ganguly

The stress of being the Indian cricket team captain took a toll on Ganguly and his unkempt and messy hair began balding right in the middle of his head. The Prince of Kolkata immediately resorted to hair transplant.

3. Jacques Kallis

Following the footsteps of Australian spinner Shane Warne, Jacques Kallis underwent a “strand-by-strand” treatment. Kallis’s long-term girlfriend, model Shamone Jardim, was ecstatic that her sweetheart had a more youthful look. He was quoted to be saying, “Once the procedure was done it looked so natural my girlfriend said ‘I’m not sure I could see you without hair again’. I got my hair back, which changed my look completely. I feel younger and more confident now.”

4. Virender Sehwag

The receding hairline didn’t do justice to the title, “Nawab of Najafgarh” bestowed upon the dashing Indian opener and so he got himself a new crowning glory. And boy! We must say the transplant was worth every penny!

5. Graham Gooch

The former England cricketer and one of the most successful international batsmen of his generation suffered from hair loss problem which resulted in him going bald from the forehead up; he opted for a hair transplant to bring back the treasure he had lost.

6. Gautam Gambhir

When the left-handed opening batsman was asked in an interview in 2009, what was the worst thing about playing cricket for a living, he was frank enough to reply, “You lose a lot of hair — especially when you are an opening batsman! Like [Virender] Sehwag, I’m losing my hair left, right and centre. Cricket has giving me everything but it is taking away all my hair.” Well, 2009 was long back and Gambhir sure grew a much denser hairline, courtesy the hair graft surgery he underwent.

7. Doug Bollinger

Doug Bollinger was once a complete bald guy selling T-shirts on the streets before he got himself a all new head of hair and a renewed confidence using procedures in non-surgical skin grafts.

8. Martin Crowe

Thousands of people around the world have benefitted from the technologies that result in hair growth and one of them is New Zealand cricket legend, Martin Crowe. He not only got his mane back but also endorsed for hair transplant clinics.

9. Michael Vaughan

The retired English cricketer and captain opted for a £10,000 “strand-by-strand” replacement of thinning hair with “farmed” Russian hair that is woven in over several treatments, which was highly successful.

10. Rana Naveed Hassan

Thirty-six year-old Pakistani all-rounder got completely bald before hair transplant came to his rescue. Voila! The specialist ‘death’ bowler now has a healthy amount of hair on his head.

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