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Stem Cell Regeneration on Hair Follicles Growth Process

It is a great mystery how a human hair follicle goes through a cyclic growth process. Hair follicles are one of the few organs or tissues of the human body that undergo cyclic degeneration and regeneration throughout the human lifetime.This cycle of growth begins with hair development stage called anagen, then followed by hair death or catagen , and ends with the follicle rest or telogen. A full anagen-catagen-telogen cycle can take years to complete.The cause of hair follicle cycling are buried deeply in human development and is not affected by environment or seasonal changes.

We are born with mature hair follicles, but what exactly causes the follicles to begin their lifelong pattern of anagen-catagen-telogen cycling is not clear. A number of gene derived signaling molecules have been identified as regulators of hair cycle. However not yet understood is how these molecular regulators coordinate their activities to initiate and terminate the cycling phases.Over the past decade, researchers began to understand the central role played by stem cells in hair follicle cycling. Every hair follicle contains a permanent reservoir of multi potent stem cells that have the capacity to participate in growth, development and repair of tissues. The eventual understanding of this process of stem cell replenishment may contribute to molecular level treatments to revive hair follicles that have stopped producing mature hair.

Dr. Mike Meshkin, a hair transplant specialist based in Los Angeles and Orange County has been at the forefront of stem cell regeneration, development and it affects on reviving mature hair follicles. He can make an evaluation using devises that help determine the cause of hair loss and predict the future progression. Once the cause of hair loss is established the proper treatment options are recommended to reverse or slow down future hair loss. He gives many pieces of advice to his clients to start hair loss prevention when they notice thinning at the initial stages. If hair loss is genetic, then hair transplant can be an option to restore the hair that is lost and medical treatment is used to prevent future hair loss and keep hair healthy.

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