Cell Therapy and Cloning For Hairloss

Cell Therapy and Cloning For Hairloss

There is alot of talk about stem cells, cloning and their effect on hair growth. To understand cloning, it is necessary to know how cloning works on cellular level and realistically what To expect.

It has long been known that hair follicle development begins in the very early embryo, before the embryo begins to mature into the recognizably human form of a fetus. There is an exchange of molecular “signals” that causes the formation of a “bud” in the epidermal layer. The exact nature of these molecular signals has not been well understood, but has long been studied. Recent research in mice has revealed more about the nature of the molecular signals, telling investigators more about the process of “budding”, and laying down a new line of research into cellular development from stem cells [Jamora C et al. Links between signal transduction, transcription and adhesion in epithelial bud development. Nature 2003; 422:317-322.]. The research is important for continuing to advance the basis for “cell therapy” and cloning. As researchers discover more about the workings of the hair follicle at the molecular level, there are increased possibilities for development of successful therapies for hair loss such as more potent hair growth stimulators and even gene therapy and cloning to fight hair loss.

In case of cloning, Orginally the idea was that follicles be extracted from the donor zone in the back of the head and be multiplied by culturing methods to get new cell growth. It was suggested that these new cells in turn can be injected back into the balding areas to produce new hair growth. This was a very promising idea specially for those who have limited hair to be harvested in the donor zone. However after many years of studies, hair cloning still remains in research stage and has not fully developed.

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