Best Body Hair Transplant in Irvine, CA

Best Body Hair Transplant

in Irvine, CA

With the popularity of hair transplant, some are wondering if body hair restoration is possible or if body hair can be used for hair transplantation. Many celebrities with trendy beards and thicker eyebrows Have added to the popularity of Facial hair transplants. For those with thin or no facial hair new modern hair transplant techniques have given way to eyebrow, beard and mustache and chest hair transplant that are very natural. These hairs are also used to as alternate donor hair for scalp hair transplant.

A number of procedures are available for restoration of all or part of the eyebrow, chest, beard, and mustache by follicular units either by using the FUE or FUT technique. For those who are seeking to have Follicles transplanted to the facial area method chosen best suits the needs of the patient. These hairs are usually taken from the donor zone in the back of the head. However, if the donor area does not have enough hair available body hair is used as an alternative to the donor hair in the back of the head.


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Even though Body hair transplant has gained some momentum for donor usage, its long-term permanency is still questionable. The hair in the back of the head is the primary choice for harvesting because it is resistant to DHT hormone which is responsible for genetic hair loss. As a result, the hair that is harvested from the back of the hair will remain. However the hair on the body does not have any effect on the DHT hormone, therefore if it is used as donor's hair the possibility of the transplanted hair falling in the future is very high. If body hair is used as a donor for hair transplantation, FUE is the only method of harvesting the grafts. At the time of consultation, these should be discussed with the patient by hair restoration physician and the best options should be recommended. These procedures are usually performed in an outpatient setting. Postoperative complications are usually limited to minor pain and swelling.

Nowadays only one to two procedures may be needed depending on the degree of thickness and hair loss, and patient's goal. hair transplants are remarkably well tolerated and will continue to grow for most of the patient's life, if taken from the donor zone in the back of the head. With these new techniques, a skilled hair transplant specialist will have unlimited donor hair availability. Body hair can be used for scalp hair transplant, as well as chest hair transplant, beard, mustache and eyebrow hair transplant with the most natural result.

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