Who Can Benefit From Hair Restoration Surgery

Who Can Benefit From Hair Restoration Surgery

Since the popularity of hair transplantation in the recent years, many are asking if they can benefit from this procedure. It is critical to know that not every one is a good candidate and in may cases medical hair treatment is a viable option. At the time of initial consultation hair transplant specialist will make their assessment and give advise as to how to proceed to help the hair loss. Depending on the cause of hair loss, hair characteristic, the degree of hair loss, donor availability, age of the patient, their family history and expectations, the hair restoration specialist will offer recommendations for treatment either surgical, medical or a combination of both. In many cases there is high rate of success with hair transplantation for women and men's hair loss and the patients are satisfied with the results. Since hair loss is progressive, in some cases a combination of surgical and medical hair treatment is recommended. These options should be discussed between hair restoration specialist and the patient at the initial consultation appointment.

Anyone who has experienced permanent hair loss may wonder if hair restoration surgery is beneficial to treat their hair loss. The following is a list of clients who may benefit from hair transplant surgery:

    • Men with male pattern baldness

    • Women with female pattern hair loss

    • Men or Women who want to restore or change the shape of their hairline

    • People with areas of scarring from injuries or scarring skin disease, and also patients who experienced some hair loss after surgery, such as face lift procedures.

    • People who want to thicken or restore eyebrows, eyelashes, and beards.

    • Those seeking reconstruction and correction of old hair transplant methods and pluggy look.

Consultation with a hair transplant specialist is very helpful in finding out not only the cause of hair loss, but if hair transplant is even an option. Before proceeding with hair restoration procedure, you must be certain that you are fully informed and understand the physicians' recommendations. If hair restoration surgery is beneficial, it is also important that all the relevant questions have been addressed in regards to the procedure, likely outcome and a realistic expectation of the results discussed.

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