Cause of increase in hair loss in women

Post date: Feb 22, 2015 2:14:27 AM

Cause of increase in hair loss in women

Is the increase in hair loss in recent years in women environmental or genetic? Over the past ten years there is alarming increase in number of women that suffer from hair loss. The question has been asked if the female pattern hair loss is genetic or is there other issues that cause this increase. There has been studies that shows Androgenetic Alopecia, which is an inherited condition, causing hair loss in women. However, Genetic Female pattern hair loss does not follow the same patterns characteristic of Androgentic Alopecia causing hair loss in men. So is there Other issues that may cause Female Pattern Hair loss.

In general, there are three patters of hair loss in female androgenic alopecia. There is the thinning in the central scalp, there is thinning hair and patches of greater scalp hair loss and there is male pattern style of hair loss that rarely progresses tot eh extensive balding characteristic of hair loss in men. Dr. Meshkin explains that " although male and female pattern hair loss both have genetic causes, different genes may be involved or the functioning of hair loss genes may be different in men and women, causing different pattern characteristics in each."

Other issues may cause hair loss in women. Frequent cause of hair loss in women other than genetic, include hormonal changes, hypo or hyper Thyroidism, Polycystic Overian syndrome, hair breakage, constant traction, Alopecia Areata and unexplained hair loss. To make sure that there is no underlying medical condition causing hair loss consultation with a physician is recommended. A hair loss specialist can determine both the cause of hair loss and the best approach for treatment.

Some women suffering from hair loss can benefit from hair transplantation. The procedure has a high rate of success in women and the great majority of women are very satisfied with the results. However, not all women are good candidates for hair transplantation. In those cases medical regiments, certain shampoos, conditioners, laser therapy, and vitamins may be considered. A hair loss specialist will be able to do the evaluations and give the best treatment option that are most beneficial depending on the cause and degree of hair loss.

Dr. Meshkin is a hair loss specialist with more than 20 years of experience in treating both female ands male hair loss. He is recognized internationally as an hair transplant surgeon and educator on hair loss and hair loss treatment.

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